There’s fresh, and then there’s Xochi-fresh. “Fresh” implies that your food is made on-site, without ever being frozen. At Xochimex, we add an extra level of freshness. Not only are our ingredients made in front of you, but they are also made as you order. You will never be served the last scoop of chicken from the bottom of a tray, which was cooked 45 minutes ago. Our food comes from the grill directly to your plate, ensuring that you experience our Xochi-fresh taste!


There’s something special about food being made to order isn’t there? Like it’s being personalized just for you. You will know the feeling very well at Xochimex, as we take pride in preparing your food as your order it. Couple that with our homemade queso and guacamole, and you have one Xochi-fresh meal on your hands!



With almost a decade of experience in South Florida, and over 20 years of experience as franchisees, Xochimex Cantina Grill has become a delicious, rapidly-growing Tex-Mex food chain. We have compiled all of our freshest ideas in order to create the menu and ingredients at Xochimex, which has contributed greatly to our success. We currently have seven locations around Miami-Dade county, as well as a food truck that covers the Tampa area. Xochimex continues to grow every day, and we hope you will visit us soon to enjoy our signature Xochi-fresh taste!